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Friday, May 22, 2020

The Best Dog in the World

Sophie was an amazing dog. I have had all good dogs in my life but Sophie was different. From the minute she picked me as her future dad she was a devoted best friend. I never had to "train" her, she just figured it all out by herself. A simple glance or hand signal and she knew what was wanted. Sophie didn't necessarily agree with what I wanted her to do but if it was important, she knew. Occasionally we had to discuss things a little.  Sophie got along with almost everyone but had a good sense for people to be avoided. She didn't need to be leashed very often. At about 6 months we had the opportunity to add Sophie's sister Lily to our family. Sophie and Lily were the best of friends. When we rescued Elliot (a problem child but sweet) the family dynamics changed a lot but Sophie took it in stride and did not get jealous. She knew she was my special soul mate and that no one could take her place. I am not exaggerating this. Everyone who knew Sophie knew how smart and perspicacious she was and what a special relationship we had. She was an amazing cuddler and got me through many scary nights alone with just the dogs. Lily and Elliot are good dogs (Lily is one of the sweetest and most sociable dogs I have ever known) but Sophie was something else. She was incredibly smart but not obsessed or neurotic as smart dogs often are. It was amazing to watch her analyze a situation and make a decision. She always knew where to position herself so she could keep track of dad. She knew the consequences of running through a field of sticker burrs and chose alternate paths unless there was an irresistible temptation. Sophie was always thinking, always loving and always caring.